Welcome to the OpenStreetMap Routes Index. In this site you can find all route relations in OpenStreetMap, organized by country.


  1. Static website powered by Hugo, supporting markdown and shortcode templates.
  2. Route database are dumped to JSON files, per route type, per country. Use Javascript to make use of the database.
  3. Route database is synced everyday.
  4. Two type of shortcodes at the moment: 1) list routes based on a tag [example: New York City Subway, source] 2) reference route tags in markdown [example: Radial Expressways in Beijing, source].

Actively maintained subsites





North America


How to contribute?

There are many ways to contribute to the projects.

Creating markdown pages

  1. Make more route lists. Some ideas: list routes with matching network or ref. Note the pattern matching is based on regular expression.
  2. Make detailed pages referencing to tag values in the route database. Use the OSM route database as the ground truth and reference it.

Adding missing route tags in OpenStreetMap

In route lists you may find empty tags like from, to, wikidata, wikipedia etc. You can help by completing it in the OpenStreetMap website.

Filing issues in Github

You can file issue reports or feature reqeusts in Github Issues

Contribute in code

You are very welcome to improve the codebase via Pull Requests. Some aspects to be improved: theme, shortcode scripts etc.


Data source: © OpenStreetMap contributors

Maintainer: strongwillow

Special thanks to osmchina for some discussions and feedbacks.